Valerie Pardo

Mrs. Valerie Pardo

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Pardo joined Crown of Life in 2022. She has a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. Her 19 years combined experience includes Elementary (K-6) Education, Special Education (K-12), ESOL Endorsement, Reading Endorsement and DCF Staff Credential for VPK. Her philosophy of education is through building strong relationships with students, families and other building staff so all students can be supported to reach their maximum potential. She holds herself and her students to high expectations and encourages students to be active learners. That happens by encouraging students to work in small collaborative groups, in small groups with her, and independently. This allows them to learn in the best way for them.  Her focus in the classroom is providing hands-on science experiences,  relevant social studies lessons and project-based learning. In her art class, the focus is for students to have fun while being creative.  In her personal life, she has a dual career as a licensed real estate professional. This summer, her busy family of six is growing to a family of seven as they are expecting a bundle of joy. Her family also has three small dogs.

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