Lucy Bartz

Ms. Lucy Bartz

Third Grade Teacher

In May, the Lord graciously assigned Ms. Lucy Bartz to CoLCA where she will begin teaching in August 2022.  She graduated from Martin Luther College in the spring of 2019 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education.  She spent the first two years after graduation teaching in Grenada, West Indies.  Her first year was spent in 3rd grade with her second year becoming departmentalized so that she taught English and Science to Third and Fourth Grade while being the Third Grade homeroom teacher. Her philosophy as a teacher is that parents are a child’s first teacher and they learn so much in their first few years of life. Learning is not restricted to the classroom, everything is a learning opportunity! No child is the same nor do they learn the same. Therefore, education should include hands-on experiences, exploration of nature and the world, as well researched material taught in the classroom. Getting children up and moving activates multiple parts of the body to help engage children in their learning.  Additionally, the goal she’s set for her classroom is to treat others with kindness so we can shine Jesus’ light wherever we go!

Other fun facts about Ms Bartz: Though her name is Elizabeth, she has gone by Lucy since she was born. She is the youngest of four children, with one brother and two sisters. She loves being outside, swimming, and reading. We look forward to welcoming Ms. Bartz to our team at Crown of Life!

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