Gail Middleton

Ms. Gail Middleton

Middle School Math and Language Arts Teacher/ Intervention Specialist

Ms. Middleton is our Middle School Math and Language Arts Teacher/Intervention Specialist at Crown of Life. She joined us in October 2021. With a Master’s Degree in Special Education, she has six year’s experience in teaching and an additional seven years as a paraprofessional in grades 2-12+.  To Ms. Middleton, teaching and education are not one-size-fits-all and she considers herself an eclectic type of teacher. She says, “I teach students to ask themselves how to question what they know and how to evolve their knowledge to match the changing world.” She believes in active participation and giving opportunities for students to be free to explore their ideas and share concepts in non-traditional ways. She tries to use students’ experiences of the world to help them build their representations and incorporate new information. She holds to the idea that students should have some choice in the learning process, by considering the individual interests and abilities of students to bring out the best of them. Her classroom focus is to prepare students for their future. When you walk into a classroom that is preparing each student for his/her future, you’ll see different things happening at the same time. You’ll see the teacher working more with small groups of students and less up in front of the whole class. You’ll see conversations and collaboration. Learning is a social process.  “We are all learners,” she says,  “there is no age requirement or limit to be a forever learner.” Ms. Middleton is also a Navy Veteran.

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