Laura Shilling

​Mrs. Laura Shilling

Principal & Preschool Director

Mrs. Shilling has been a part of the CoLCA family since 2019. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Martin Luther College and a Masters in Educational Leadership and Early Childhood Education from the University of North Florida. It is her philosophy that students learn best when they feel safe and loved. She strives to share Christ’s love with our students everyday.  She strives to make students feel that she personally has positive regard and love for each and everyone of them. In the classroom she believes that the best way to share a new concept with students is through storytelling. Whether it is a classic Bible story with a modern voice or why letter ‘o’ will have a long vowel sound when there is a silent ‘e’ at the end or a word, she enjoys telling stories. Ask her to tell you the one about the little girl and her markers someday.

As Principal, Mrs. Shilling believes that building a strong Christ-centered community is crucial to the success and continuation of our academy. With parent partnership, Crown of Life Christian Academy will be the community and home where our students can grow up and families feel connected.

Other fun facts about Mrs. Shilling:  She attended nine different school between preschool and high school graduation, then two different schools working on my degrees! She even worked at seven different schools before coming to Crown of Life. In fact, other than her high school job, she only worked one job that wasn’t in a school, for less than one year. Can you guess what it was? She baked scones and quiches at a coffee shop. Mostly because she loves coffee.

Two other things she really enjoys are soup and yarn, with her current obsession being bamboo yarn!

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