In elementary school, the goal of our curriculum is to provide a solid academic foundation in the core classes of Bible, math, reading, science, and social studies/history. At this level, students are taught critical thinking skills, problem-solving strategies, and sound study habits that will prepare them for middle school and independent learning. Daily specials enrich learning and include Physical Education (P.E.), Art, Spanish, ASL, Photography, Home Tech, and more.

Below is a list of resources we use and incorporate into our learning curriculum:


Crown of Life Christian Academy appreciates the value of a classical education and has implemented Core Knowledge, daily memorization that occurs in every classroom (K-5). Each day students will spend 15-20 minutes going through memory work on all the key subjects offered at Crown of Life, with the primary focus being the Bible. The memory work will cover basic knowledge that a student should master to help prepare him or her for deeper levels of learning in the later years.

Every week the teacher will present new memory work. As the teacher progresses through the school day, she will touch back on the memory from the morning as it applies to the different subjects.

Children’s minds have been described as sponges and Core Knowledge uses this to create memory pegs on which to layer new information about topics. Core Knowledge is a three-year cycle allowing for repetition of material and the opportunity for students to learn more each time information is presented.


At CoLCA, our classrooms are built on the philosophy that students learn best in real life settings. From instruction to the very way our classrooms are developed, we strive to grow a community of learners that will carry students over into real life situations with ease. We design our classrooms to develop our students not only academically but socially and emotionally. The family feel of our classrooms and school fosters a learning environment focused on care and concern from one another as “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19).

We want Christian education to be available for all students. Therefore, our rates are below the national average for private Christian schools, and we also accept all Step Up For Students scholarships, including FES, FTC, FES-Unique Abilities, Hope, and AAA

VPK is a FREE program offered by the state of Florida! We offer 4-day and 5-day classes, available for 4 and 5 years olds. Our full-day Pre-Kindergarten class offers extra learning opportunities to provide extra support in preparing our students for full-day Kindergarten.

COLCA offers competitive rates for our Preschool classrooms (ages 2-4), as well as flexible scheduling. For more information and to share your child’s educational needs, please contact us at 239-482-7315.

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Enrollment forms will open in a new tab or window.  Please print them out, fill them out and return them to Crown of Life.  The forms, along with any additional documentation, can be submitted in multiple ways:

  • By mail or in person at 5820 Daniels Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33912
  • Scan (take a picture) and email to [email protected]
  • Fax to 239-482-5694

Rates and payment instructions are found on the enrollment forms.